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Hi Mark,

Thanks for an excellent roundup of all the VC/PE activity in the Indian market. I was aware of there being quite a few but I had no idea it was over 30 VC firms!

You're definitely on my list of blogs to keep regularly track of :-)

Oh and btw, your RSS feed is broken for some reason - you might want to fix it.

Anurag Gupta

Hi Mark

Good to have a snaphot of PE/VC activity at one place. Loved your blog... keep contributing

Mark Sherman

We tested the RSS a few ways and it worked for us. Are you still having the problem and if so what is your configuration so that we can get to the bottom of the problem.

Shantanu Bhagwat

Great stuff Mark.
Looking forward to reading more about your experiences and perspective on India.


In consumer Internet arena, most of the VC investment in India seems to be narrow minded. All the VC's seems to be interested in pumping in money into firms like Naukri, Shaadi or Bharat Matrimony. Though these are good business models, technologically they are not at all innovative. It goes without saying that Naukri is one of the ugliest looking sites. They just seem to want to make money without really giving a good user experience. In spite of this its pity to see a reputed firm like Kleiner Perkins / Sherpalo pumping in money. Another point to be noted here is, most of these portals are backed by big media houses or they are becoming one. I doubt innovation flows from top down unless you are a Yahoo or Google. This is very unlike US. VC in US seems to like creative techies or rather innovations. It's one of the reason why diggs, del.icio.us, linkedins, 37signals, flickrs are almost impossible to find in India. Unless VC firms back techies India will continue to be a outsourcing hub rather than an innovation hub. Indian companies are doing pretty good in research, software, R&D and related fields. But all of it is still outsourcing. It's not 100% consumerism. Indian techies still need to spread their wings to innovate in consumer products. That's the growth path for India I guess. What do you say?


That was a great post. It gives more than heads up for someone seeking capital. Thanks a bunch.

manoj onkar

How do the VCs, ensure best management systems for the companies that they invest in, specially, when some of the companies that they invest in are Technology or a particular field oriented and not necessary mangement team driven?

Manoj Onkar

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